“Will EV charging stations become a thing of the past?” (Gregory Daigle)

Thanks to Gregory Daigle for sharing a link to an article that he has published on the Medium platform titled: “Will EV charging stations become a thing of the past?”


Greg is a regular commenter on this site, and has been following the work of Andrea Rossi and others in similar fields for many years now. His article reviews Rossi’s work over the years and looks forward to the upcoming demonstration of an E-Cat-powered EV that Rossi is preparing for (although it has not yet been confirmed)

Greg writes:

“The newly planned networks of public electric vehicle charging stations being built may soon become redundant infrastructure if a demonstration planned for late October in Italy is successful. The demonstration is designed to showcase a new technology that would recharge electric vehicle batteries while driving without the use of added fuel cell technology or built-in solar collectors on the vehicle’s body. Installed in an EV as part of the vehicle’s power train, this technology could make the growing networks of charging stations obsolete, decrease the appeal of plug-in hybrids and accelerate the conversion to all-electric vehicles by eliminating the fear of running low on battery power during long trips.”

We don’t know what the outcome of this event, should it take place, will be. It will be a big risk for Rossi to put it on, and I doubt he will go ahead unless he is very confident that there will be no technological mishaps.

I feel like Greg’s article is a good summary of the current state of play with the E-Cat and would be a useful article to share with anyone who is wondering what all the fuss over the E-Cat is all about.