Malcolm Bendall Explains the Thunderstorm Principle (MFMP Video)

There’s a new video on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s YouTube page in which Bob Greenyer is talking with the Thunderstorm Generator’s inventor Malcolm Bendall at the site of one of his installations.

Bendall explains that the engine in this installation is a Perkins 30,000 cc motor driving a 300 kW generator, and in the video they are standing by the exhaust.

Here are some quotes from Bendall:

“Here is where the exhaust comes up and comes into the sphere which is actually a 24 inch sphere, with an 18 inch sphere inside it, which directs the flow in an anticlockwise direction. This anticlockwise is how exploding energy goes in the universe. There’s no straight lines. Everything that moves is moving in a curve. Every curve is part of a spiral, and every spiral is either imploding or exploding. And therefore you have two distinct events. You either have the life force which is imploding and bringing everything together for life and planets to exist. And then you have the death force which is designed to redistribute that . . . death and destruction is as spin that is exploding and tearing things apart.

“Now when you counter-oppose those two primal forces of the universe, you create disruption which is going to create some unique geometry in your plasma that’s developed if you have the right geometry and the right inputs. So basically, in this sphere, we’re forcing the air to spin in an anticlockwise direction which creates automatically on the inside sphere a clockwise direction. And one is coming into the vacuum of the engine, and the other is leaving the engine and in this connecting pipe which is a six inch into four inch, you have that same mechanism happening. Here is our transition, 51.84 degrees, into this pipe, and that transition ensures that we don’t lose that stored energy from the plasmoids that have been developed in the bubbler, and grown and charged within this Thunderstorm generator. So you can think of it as lighting that discharges between the positive side charge and the negative side. Also you can view this sphere as a net positive charge and the other sphere as a net negative charge. Therefore there’s a particle accelerator effect between the desire for everything to attract and the charges to equalize.”