Video: ENG8 Cell Verified by Underwriters Laboratory to Generate Electricity with COP of 5

A new video has been published by British company ENG8 which reports on testing done on an ENG8 electricity generating cell, by certification company UL Solutions, also known as Underwriter Laboratories. The testing took place at Culham Science Park in Oxfordshire, England.

UL engineer Stefano Giordano states in the video that he verified that the Q factor (or COP, ratio of electricity in to electricity out) was 5 and describes the results as being “quite brilliant”.

Various investors and company members speak on the video and emphasize the importance of the invention in terms of democratizing energy and helping deal with climate change.

CEO Valeria Tyutina states on the video that ENG8 is going on a road show in December to the United States to publicize the technology.