Leonardo Corporation Statement on Current State of E-Cat Development

A statement has been posted on the Leonardo Corporation website, and linked on X, titled “Update from Leonardo Corporation on the Current State of E-Cat Development”


Here is the text of the statement:

Leonardo Corporation continues to develop its E-Cat technology as a solution to many of the most pressing energy-related problems that face the world today.

Recently, in preparation for a demonstration of the E-Cat SKLep SSM as a power source for an electric vehicle’s battery, a technical problem was discovered. Due to safety considerations, it is essential that this problem be resolved before the E-Cat SKLep SSM can be used for EV charging, and we therefore took the only possible decision under the circumstances, which was to postpone the demonstration.

Research on the E-Cat takes place at the frontiers of new physics and engineering, and as with many other cutting-edge technologies, technical problems are often encountered which need to be resolved.

As we work to resolve the technical issues with the E-Cat SKLep SSM, we are also developing a version of the E-Cat called the E-Cat SKLep NGU (“never give up”). This version avoids the technical issues that caused us to delay the EV demonstration.

The E-Cat SKLep NGU can be combined with solar panels in a synergistic relationship. E-Cat technology is able to act as an amplifier of electricity generated by solar panels. We believe that this amplification effect will make it possible to generate at least as much electricity in one hour as a solar panel can normally generate in one day.

E-Cat SKLep NGU modules will be easy to incorporate into existing solar systems, both industrial and residential. Work is well underway on the E-Cat SKLep NGU, and we are planning to make a public demonstration of it as soon as possible. We will provide updates about this in due time.

Meanwhile, development work on the E-Cat SKLep SSM will continue, and we believe the problems will ultimately be resolved. Pre-orders for the E-Cat SKLep SSM can still be placed at no cost, and those already placed are still valid.

We greatly appreciate the patience and support of our friends and interested parties as we work as hard as possible to bring the benefits of E-Cat technology to the world.