ENG8 Video: George Egely Talks About Catalyzed Fusion

Here is a video in which George Egely talks about the energy production process that is used in the ENG8 EnergiCell.

He is makes a distinction between what ENG8 calls ‘catalyzed fusion’ and the fusion process used in the ‘hot’ fusion industry in which energy from nuclear fusion is achieved by a brute force process of super-high temperatures and strong magnetic fields.

Egely states (starting at 4:31):

“Right now the hot fusion industry is not using catalyzers, which is in my opinion, a grave mistake. In engineering there are two stuff you have to use: resonance and catalysis. In heavy industry, in industrial chemistry, you use catalysts all over.”

“It’s a clump of electrons. In text book physics, one million electrons should not be together, but this is the fact of what we observe. And in order to make it, that is the engineering trick, you need a very specific very certain surface structure, and if you don’t have that specific surface structure, you don’t have these catalytic agents.”

“A number of electrons come together, the local electric field is so strong, it is overruling the Coulomb forces, it is shielding the electrical repulsion between let’s say two protons . . . and the repulsion ceased, and they can meet together, no problem.”

“And the task is to make these clumps together in the most efficient and the cheapest way, and that is my job.”

The full video is here: