Video: Ed Storms Demonstrates How To Make Active Palladium

An intersting video has just been posted on the ISCMNS in which veteran LENR researcher Edmund Storms shows how he prepares a sample of palladium to become ‘active’, meaning it will have an LENR reaction when exposed to hydrogen.

He says it is necessary to create holes, gaps, or cracks of a particular size, or he says it will not be active. The video shows Storms in his lab demonstrating all the processes required to prepare palladium. He says that after preparation, the sample is connected to a power supply so current can be passed through it, and it is put into a quartz tube where it is heated

He states:

“I can measure the effect of the current and the effect of the temperature change on the fusion rate which is directly related to the amount of heat being given off and it’s the those two are the critical two critical variables that are necessary to impose and to control in order to gain significant energy from an active piece of Palladium but we don’t have time to do the next step on this so we’ll wait till later.”