Report: QuantumState Solid State Battery Far Surpasses Lithium-Ion

Thanks to a reader for sharing a link to a report from Yahoo! Finance which discusses a potentially revolutionary battery technology being developed by QuantumScape, a Silicon Valley company which is developing solid state batteries that are claimed to have a far superior performance in comparison to lithium-ion cells.

QuantumScape’s largest investor is Volkswagen who have invested $100 million.

The article reports that the advantages of QuantumScape’s battery are faster charging times, higher energy density, and a reduction in risk for fire. “The company’s bold claims of recharging to 80% capacity in 15 minutes could transform the EV landscape, addressing one of the major concerns of EV consumers: charging time.”

In QuantumScape’s latest shareholder letter ( they state that they shipped prototype “anode-free solid-state lithium metal cells” to prospective customers in Q4 2022.

They state:

“we can now share that our top-performing A0 prototype cell in one prospective customer’s battery testing labs achieved over 1,000 full cycle equivalents with over 95% discharge energy retention, using customer-specified test conditions of C/3 charge and C/2 discharge with our standard temperature and pressure conditions, and 100% depth of discharge”

Below is a Bloomberg interview with QuantumScape’s Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman Jagdeep Singh.