Video: Zero-Point Energy (Philip Stott)

Here’s an interesting video lecture from Philip Stott that discusses zero-point energy. He covers a lot of the same ground that Andrea Rossi and Garett Moddel have discussed, and provides useful information about how the Casimir effect is an example of ways that energy can be extracted from the vacuum, which he says is really not empty space, but rather it is teeming with electromagnetic waves.

He talks about how the zero point field has the exact properties of the aether, which is generally denied as existing. He discusses that the zero-point field is admitted as existing by scientists in quantum mechanics, but that paradoxically, Einstein and others denied that it could have any effect on anything.

“Physicists usually take pains to pour scorn on the idea that energy could be extracted from The Ether or from Zero Point Energy if you don’t like the name aether, but it’s interesting to note that the company called Jovian Corporation has been set up at the University of Colorado Boulder it has a U.S patent for Quantum vacuum energy extraction so it looks as if even respectable organizations seem to be abandoning the idea that there is no aether and they’re accepting the truth that Einstein was wrong.”