Ken Shoulders on Dark Matter Messengers (Axil Axil)

Thanks to Axil Axil for the following comment:

Ken shoulders did not invent descriptions of EVO’s fanciful behavior out of whole cloth. His observations were based on his research. In this article, Shoulders explains how the EVO can be used in advanced technologies. We have not seen some of these capabilities yet but it is amazing that Ken has.

Ken first claims as follows:

What It Is: A fanciful sounding mode for communicating information and physical matter is becoming available by using EVOs, or synthetic WIMPs, as a form of information-bearing projectile. These will be capable of rapidly traversing galactic distances and being directed with the selectivity afforded only projectiles. For all intent and purposes, it is a homemade, miniature black hole that has temporarily “swallowed” ordinary matter as information and that will regurgitate it later upon proper association with another of its kind. This is definitely teleportation but it is not yet telekinesis of the psychic kind. It is an extremely selective process but one needed when transferring information throughout the very noisy Universe and it is certainly a great improvement over electromagnetic messaging methods.

Ken states that the EVO can be used as a container for information. Matter can be encoded to record data then loaded into a EVO and latter retrieved upon demand. It’s in effect teleportation of matter. We have seen matter enter an EVO but we have not yet been able to extract that matter without its transmutation. This matter storage claim implies that matter can be retained without any modification within a black hole. The retrieval method is based on a technique that uses another EVO to action some sort of reclamation process that preserves information fidelity.

In the LION pencil like reactor meltdown, we have seen after the fact, silver move from the tip of the reactor to near its end. Ken states that he can cause matter to move to a place he desires at will. The matter being transported is sequestered and can’t be affected by any disruptive interference from a noisy Universe.