Nature Article: “Water can trigger nuclear reaction to produce energy and isotope gases” (B. J. Huang, et. al)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for letting me know about this paper published on the website of Nature as a scientific report which has been made open access. The author list is led by Bin‑Juine Huang along with many others, including Bob himself.


Here is part of the abstract:

“This paper reports the discovery that water can trigger a peculiar nuclear reaction and produceenergy. Cavitation may induce unusual reactions through implosion of water vapor bubbles. Manyof this research has been published formally or informally. We have conducted experiments usingtwo reactor types made from multiple‑pipe heat exchanger and found that the heat exchangeprocess of water produces peculiar excess heat and abnormally high pressure leading to rupture ofthe reactor. Recently, we have tested another eight reactors. Interestingly, these reactors producenon‑condensable gas. We suspected that they include 22 Ne and CO 2 . We used a mass spectrometer(MS) to analyze 14 gas samples collected from 8 reactors, including ten samples showing a coefficientof performance COP x > 1.05 (with excess heat) and four having COP x < 1.05 (without excess heat)."