Cavitation and Energy Production (Reynaldo)

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Hello you Dear,

I am following Andrea Rossi and these discussions since the first E-Cat producing 10 kW of hot water with
nickel. We were planning to market it here in Germany…

This is my first post here.

Thanks for all this work and energy being put into the whole work of developing of and informing about LENR. By my own experiments with a COP of up to 3 I know by experience that it exists and that it is a reality – but a reality which the “powers to be” don’t like to be really

Yes, cavitation of water may cause nuclear reactions!

I found many patents, over all from Russia, explaining how we can get excess energy with cavitation produced by a venturi. The best apparatus to produce excess energy from cavitation I first found at Cavitation
Energy Systems. Their web page disappeared since a few month. But you find it on the Internet Archive:

They inject hot water at about 2000 bar (using the adapted technique of common rail diesel injection)
into a special chamber, where by cavitation very hot steam is produced.

On the bottom of the landing page you find this video, speaking first of the pistol shrimp. This animal has been created to use cavitation nuclear reactions to “shoot” its prey!

This company developed an astonishing machine on this process with a COP of 5.25 in the first embodiment!
Using salt water the COP rises to about 14, if I remember correctly!

Thus excess energy (zero point energy? nuclear energy?) is available everywhere with salt water! Such
a COP allows stand alone solutions, as only a fraction of the produced energy is needed to generate the necessary input current.

Now you find the company at

There they don’t disclose much. But here is an excellent video the published:

I hope this information is interesting for you.

Blessings for the New Year!