Rossi: E-Cat Livestream to Restart 1st Quarter, 2024

Someone asked a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday regarding the absence of the livestreaming of the E-Cat powered lamp which Andrea Rossi had at one point stated would be started up again in December 2023.

The previous livestreaming was halted in October last year after Rossi reported problems with the E-Cat that he had encountered during testing of the E-Cat powered EV.

AR today provided this response:

Andrea Rossi
January 20, 2024 at 4:35 AM
Yes, the non stop streaming poses problems that are different from a normal use, this is why we are worried and still working on it.
I can say that we are mathematically sure we will restart the public streaming not later than March 2024. It is already running, but not in public mode and we want to be sure we will not have troubles once we go public for a streaming that has to run for years never stopping.
Warm Regards,