LENR and Dark Photon Hypotheses (Axil Axil)

The following is a post made by Axil Axil on another thread on this site.

I have a prediction with regards to the theory of the LENR reaction. It has become apparent to me that the light produced by the LENR reaction might well be forms from dark photons.


The dark photon is theorized to coexist with standard photons.

The dark photon can also interact with the Standard Model if some of the fermions are charged under the new abelian group.[3] The possible charging arrangements are restricted by a number of consistency requirements such as anomaly cancellation and constraints coming from Yukawa matrices.
These dark photons are produced in an electroweak field environment that may well exist inside the EVO where the Higgs field is not active.

The electroweak field is produced when the weak force and the electromagnetic force has not been separated by the action of the Higgs field.

The production of dark photons might have been seen in the demo of the SKLep reactor in December of 2021.

In this demo, the background radiation level before the SKLep was activated was 43 microsieverts, but after the SKLep was activated the background radiation dropped to 24 microsieverts.

I request MFMP to test this dark photon hypothesis by measuring before and after ambient background radiation levels during tests of active LENR reactors. such as VEGA, THOR (thunderstorm), Egely reactors, and LION.

A know radioactive source might also be used to see if radiation from that source is affected by a LENR reactor. Parkhomov could also be requested to run this test during his reactor testing.

If the LENR reaction is suppressing nuclear radiation, I would be interested in buying a SKL SSM light source to decrease radon based radiation in my basement. This application could be a motivating factor in the sale of SKL based lights for ambient radiation mitigation.

Someone might suggest such a product application to Rossi so that sales of his light producing product line is stimulated. A successful radiation mitigation test could increase Rossi’ credibility of his products.