Rossi Announces Livestream Will Not Resume

Today Andrea Rossi posted the following announcement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics

Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2024 at 4:12 AM
Dear Readers:
Important information:
We decided not to resume the streaming that has been interrupted in October.
The reasons are:
1- it is unavoidable and out of our control that now and again the streaming to be interrupted from other parties that do not depend on us, for reasons we did not understand. Therefore, every interruption makes the continuation meaningless, for obvious reasons. Anyway, the duration resulted from the streaming we actually did ( about 4500 hours ) is enough to proof that no existing battery with the same weight could make the same performance, even assuming a power of 1 W; all in all, the streaming we made has anyway been useful, albeit stained by the interruptions of the streaming, not of the Ecat and not for our fault.
2- we received from our Readers many solicitations in the same direction
3- we are focusing in the introduction of the Ecat SKLep NGU, that presently is our most important engagement
4- we confirm that within this year we will make the point 3 and the demo with the EV using the NGUs.
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO
Leonardo Corporation

Rossi had stated previously that the livestream would begin again by the end of March, but this will not be the case. If the EV presentation does actually take place this year, I personally don’t think the decision to ditch the livestream will be too great of a setback. It doesn’t seem to have been a very successful demonstration anyway since we are still apparently quite far away from the needed 1 million pre-orders.