New Photo Showing Current Form Inside E-Cat

Here is a new post and photo on Leonardo Corporation’s X/Twitter account showing a waveform on an oscilloscope:

The caption reads “Here is a photo of the current form inside the reactor of the E-Cat”

It’s good to see a photo from behind the scenes in Andrea Rossi’s labe. In my opinion, the more that he can share, the better it will be in terms of getting and maintaining interest prior to the next demonstration which is supposed to take place this year.

As mentioned by Greg below, the date listed on the scope is September 9th, 2018. Someone asked Rossi today about whether the date was a mistake. He responded:

Andrea Rossi

Gavino Mamia and Gregory Daigle:
The date is correct, the photo has not made public so far. That is the form of the current upon which we are working since the year 2018. Now we are able to turn it into usable forms, which has been the result of 5 years of work. We thought it could be interesting.
Warm Regards,