Paper: “Charge Clusters, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Electron Structure” (Giorgio Vassallo)

A new paper (April 2024) has been published on ResearchGate written by Giorgio Vassallo titled “Charge Clusters, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Electron Structure”.

The paper focuses on how “coherent charge clusters” could play a critical role in phenomena observed by researches in the LENR and related field.

Vassallo bases his theory on a model of the electron “as a current ring generated by a massless charge that rotates at the speed of light”

References are made of the work of Kenneth Shoulders, Leif Holmlid, Francesco Celani, Hal Puthoff, Randell Mills and others.

In his acknowledgments, Vassallo thanks Ugo Abundo, Francesco Celani, Guido Parchi, Jacques Ruer, Frabrizio Righes and other members of the CleanHMe Project for their support.

Here is the abstract:

“This paper proposes the possibility that the formation of coherent charge clusters in nanometric gaps may have a role in the generation of Ultra Dense Hydrogen, Compton Scale Structures and in the catalysis of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. This hypothesis is strictly related to a simple and intuitive theoretical framework that, in agreement with Occam’s razor principle, proposes a common origin of fundamental physical properties as charge, mass, relativistic mass, spin and magnetic moment. This approach needs a particular Zitterbewegung electron model derived by a purely geometric/electromagnetic interpretation of Maxwell-Proca, Planck, De Broglie, Schrödinger, relativistic energy momentum and Aharonov-Bohm equations. Starting from this Zitterbewegung model a realistic hypothesis may be formulated on the structure of exotic vacuum objects (EVO) and dense charge clusters seen by Shoulders and other researchers in their experiments.”