Prometheus Project Announcement: LENR Reactor Produces Green Hydrogen (not by electrolysis)

An announcement has been made by Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso, an innovation district in Bergamo, Italy, regarding the Prometheus Project. (Salvatore Mojorana is the nephew of the famous Italian physicist, Ettore Majorana).

(The following is translated from the original Italian)

“We have created a reactor capable of developing high-efficiency green energy. From a spark, which we are able to repeat and control, we will produce energy at the service of people and industry.” Thus states Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso.

In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera he explains: “With a small amount of energy, produced by a battery of a traditional car, we are able to induce a transformation of water capable of releasing large quantities of hydrogen, and it is not a matter of electrolysis”.

An entirely made-in-Italy project that will become operational in a fairly short time: “We are counting on a year and a half, but it is already ready to be presented to investors. We are in the field of LENR (low energy nuclear reaction), a branch of physics that has been little studied to date and which is now involving researchers from MIT to Caltech to DOE.

Recently the European Union has also been financing some projects to which several leading experts in Italy are also paying attention. In these five years we have already achieved results of objective importance. And this is confirmed by the third parties we asked to certify and measure what happens in our reactor”, adds Majorana.

The Prometheus project ( started in 2018 with a team of technicians who worked in close collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan and Bicocca.”

According to the Prometheus Project website, the reactor exploits the fact that “change of state releases energy, in the form of a powerful wave of pressure, leaving behind water and Hydrogen.”