Idea to Publicly Share LENR Technology (Gerold.s)

The following post was first posted on this thread by Gerold.s; I post it here as it might be useful to give it more visibility.

[Response to a post by Axil]Thanks for your input.

It seems to be clear that the fuel (we will probably start with the LION diadisks approach) setup will define to great extend a potential feasible reactor design.

I am a teacher with engineering background and work for an educational organization which has the resources and infrastructure to design and manufacture a LENR device.

What we are lacking is the deeper knowledge of LENR science and background info in order to come up with requirements to be incorporated into a design which will have a high LENR replication probability and sufficient safety measures.

We have the idea to work together with MFMP or others, who are willing to publicly share LENR technology.
We want to design and manufacture a few prototypes, which we will than hand over to MFMP or others for testing.

As you have seen, we are currently working on design variants for a hot type (dry cell) LENR reactor, which
should fulfil following requirements (our current definition):

• simple and cost effective design
e.g. use of available, industrial components (e.g. high performance ceramic glow plug normally used in diesel engines as a heat source)
Tmax of heat source = 1350°C for 60 seconds; approx. 1100°C for constant operation -> is that enough?
the water coolant flow should not exceed approx. 80°C so we would be able to use
standard available high temperature PP piping to design the outer reactor body containing water as coolant.

• safety
e.g. core reactor material, which is in in touch with the LENR active material (e.g. LION diadisks) will be tungsten, the diadisks can be embedded in a powders of graphite, boron nitride, others?
An option would probably also be to use PB as a “liquid metal core”, which melts above approx. 300°C as a primary moderator fluid containing the LENR active material (diadisks) with additives / additional fuel;
this would lead to a better heat exchange to the inner core structure made of tungsten and act as an additional
shielding against radiation and also to thermalize radiation

Is there a minimum temperature, where the LENR reaction might start? What is the expected max. temperature in the inner core?
Expected internal pressure?
Sufficient external water cooling

• high LENR reproduction probability
the inner core structure is replace- and reusable; different activation energy
sources necessary? (only heat not enough at least for diadisks? arc discharge, RF activation, laser,…) ,other important aspects?

I am aware that some relevant parameters can only be identified by experiments, but maybe you or others from the community could give some more concrete input.

For an offline discussion I can provide my e-mail.