Introducing the Lenr Bot

A reader sent me a link to a bot he has created called lenr bot.

He says it is based on thousands of Disqus comments from E-Cat World, as well as the entire MFMP corpus of YouTube videos.

As an example, I asked the bot how the E-Cat works. Here was the response:

The E-Cat works by using a small fraction of the fuel load to stimulate a reaction through electromagnetic stimulation, producing a near unity coefficient of performance (COP). The majority of the fuel load is then stimulated using the coherent heat produced by the minor fraction that was exposed to electromagnetic stimulation. The reaction is facilitated by polariton solitons, which are built up over time by the transfer of nuclear binding energy, and eventually explode in a Bosenova. The energy level of these solitons increases from the infrared range into the soft X-ray range, and the nature of the energy transfer process varies based on operating conditions inside the E-Cat. The key ingredients required to operate an E-Cat successfully include nickel in powder form, lithium aluminium hydride, and a “dirty” chopped AC waveform produced by a thyristor controlled power supply.

Sources used:

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