E-Cat Livestream 2022

Livestream of the E-Cat


On September 30, 2022 Leonardo Corporation published on its YouTube channel a livestream showing an LED light being powered by an E-Cat MiniSKLep.

The intention was to have this stream run for at least 9000 hours, which is over 1 year. Beyond that, Leonardo Corp said they would like to have it run for the expected lifespan of an E-Cat MiniSKLep, which is calculated to be 100,000 hours.

On October 12, 2022, the original livestream stopped. On Leonardo’s YouTube channel they made this statement:

(Note: the first livestream YouTube broadcast ended due to unknown technical reasons on Oct 12, 2022. The second broadcast similarly ended on Oct 26, 2022. The third broadcast ended Nov 8, 2022. The fourth broadcast ended on Nov 18, 2022. The fifth broadcast ended on Nov 29, 2022. The sixth broadcast ended on Dec 9, 2022. The seventh broadcast ended on Dec 10, 2022. The E-Cat continued to operate as normal even though the stream ended, and this new livestream broadcast was launched on the same date)

The interesting thing about this demonstration is that it is powering an LED light, which Leonardo CEO Andrea Rossi says is rated at 5 watts. At the same time, the consumption of the E-Cat MiniSKLep, which is providing power to the light, is close to zero Watts. The power supply display shows that there are 10 volts being produced by the power supply, but fewer than 0.00 amps of current being used.

I was in the Leonardo lab with Andrea Rossi in Italy when the livestream was launched. I had brought with me the power supply that is being used in the livestream. I made a short “backstage” video which shows the circuit setup for the livestream, which is below:

I had also done a test prior to my visit in which I did a kind of calibration to show that the power supply was measuring accurately. Here is a video of that test:

I don’t have any doubt about the E-Cat. What is being shown in the livestream video is just what I witnessed. It has been operating as shown since I was in the lab. I believe it really is the revolutionary technology that it is claimed to be.

Whether Leonardo succeeds commercially remains to be seen. Andrea Rossi repeated to me his goal to reach the 1 million preorders, which he believes is a requirement to have the funds to both develop commercially and be in a position to defend Leonardo’s intellectual property.

UPDATE (Oct 10, 2022):

Here is an interview with Andrea Rossi, the inventer of the E-Cat and CEO of Leonardo Corporation:

Pre-orders for E-Cats can be placed here.

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